If you are a land investor, you want to increase the value of your investment over time. Here are a few tips for making your commercial properties worth more.

  • Help the property drain properly – Some pieces of land drain properly on their own, but if you notice water pooling during the rainy season, you may need to do some site work. You can get the land to drain properly and use this to the advantage of landscaping by having water drain toward trees and other plants that require more water.
  • Enhance nutrients in the soil – There are many ways that you can prepare the soil organically so that trees and other plants will grow faster and larger. Don’t use chemical fertilizers because polluting local water sources can negatively affect your land value (and it’s just nice for the planet to avoid using chemicals).
  • Keep land well-manicured – Preparing some landscaping in advance can make the land appear more appealing to potential buyers. Of course, you don’t want to go crazy and plant so many trees that the buyer may have to move them in order to build. However, some aesthetically pleasing trees like the California Fan Palm can add a nice touch and help you fetch a higher selling price.

Contract Growing and Palm Tree Sales in California

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