Autumn sees much of the moist and mild weather in southern California. As a result, the end of summer or the beginning of fall are the perfect times for planting many different types of trees and shrubs. Waiting until just after the long, dry summer is over but before the cold, wet winter begins puts your new landscape in the perfect position to root and get strong before having to deal with a climate that is great for people but tough on plant life.

Of course, not every tree is ideally planted this time of year. For example, trees that are easily killed by frost need to be planted in the spring to give them even more time to root and get strong before wintertime. While frost isn’t common in southern California, it’s not unheard of, so it’s better to be safe with trees that are not as hardy.

Planting the Right Way Is Vital

One of the biggest factors in survival of a transplanted tree is a properly dug hole. If the hole is not 2 to 3 times the size of the root ball, the shock to the tree is increased. Also, make sure to include much of the native soil instead of just providing some type of store bought soil with chemicals in it. Trees respond better to organic soil in the long run.

While not breaking any local watering restrictions, remember that many trees require the most water in the first year or two after you plant them. This is just another outstanding reason to plant native trees that are already well adapted to the dry summers, and a good reason for planting just before the rains start up in the fall.

Get Help to Ensure Success

West Coast Trees has 15 years of experience in helping homeowners and businesses to plant and grow trees, shrubs, and grasses, in southern California and beyond. We’ll be happy to help you purchase the right specimens and plant them at the proper time and in the right location to ensure you get the most from your investment.