If you live in the Southwestern part of the United States, either in California, Arizona, Nevada, or other surrounding areas, you face a few unique landscaping challenges. However, you also have the opportunity to create a beautiful and inviting landscape for your home despite those challenges. Let’s look at 4 tips to help you get there.

  1. Use Well-Adapted and Native Plant Species – There are many palm trees, desert shrubs, and grasses that are native this part of the country or that are well adapted to thriving here. West Coast Trees is happy to help you select species that will beautify your yard and be easy to care for.
  2. Position Plants Properly – One big mistake homeowners make is planting trees or other plants near each other that have very different water intake needs. If one tree requires a regular soaking and the one next to it likes drier weather, you may hurt the tree that likes dry weather during the watering process or kill the tree that likes water in an effort to save the one that needs less water. When your plants are positioned by their water intake needs, it is easy to water the right plants and to avoid over watering others.
  3. Grade Land Properly – Sometimes you can change the amount of water plants get simply by grading the land properly. Trees at a lower level will get more water from the runoff, while some heartier shrubs or grasses may thrive on higher ground.
  4. Use the Right Surface Materials – Depending on the plants you use and other factors such as the amount of rain you get, it may be better to use mulch, stones, or some other surface material. The right colors can also provide the contrast you need to make your plants stand out.

By applying these 4 tips, you can have a beautiful home landscape regardless of the weather conditions you have to deal with.