If you live in California or across the Southwest US, you need to think about conserving water when you plan your landscaping. Here are four tips to help you create a beautiful yard without draining the area’s precious water supply.

  1. Use Native and Desert – Local plants are used to drought conditions. Along with other desert plants, you can create a beautiful landscape that won’t turn brown and die at the first sign of a long, dry summer.
  2. Use Mulch and Compost. – Compost helps to keep the area around your plants and trees from drying out. Mulch is a nice way to cover up the compost to create a more attractive appearance for the landscape.
  3. Limit Lawn Areas. It takes a lot of water to keep grass alive and basically it just serves as a ground cover, so rather than waste water keeping a large lawn alive, limit grass areas. Try to use more dessert grasses that don’t require as much water. You can also do a lot of beautiful things in the yard with rock, sand, stones, bricks, and other materials.
  4. Capture Rainwater. – When it does rain, control where the water ends up with a rainwater capturing system. Then direct that rainwater to care for the trees and shrubs that need it most.

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