Spring time is possibly the best time to plant, like the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, or in this case, trees. Here are a few easy tips to help you get started with your spring planting.

Being able to plant trees at a correct depth is crucial for your tree’s development. The depth of the tree is significantly reliant upon the type of soil. When planting trees in muddy soil, make sure not to bury the root-ball too deep. You should be able to see the top 2 to 3 inches of the root-ball above ground. In sandy soil, however, the top of the root ball can be even with the ground.

Digging the holes wide is also beneficial for your trees because it’ll prevent overcrowding the roots within the soil.

Make sure to remove all plastic or metal containers and tear away any other materials that the root-ball is wrapped in after the tree has been placed in the hole.

Once the tree has been placed, refill the hole with one part compost to every two parts soil. Do not stomp the soil down once filled, instead, water the area around the tree and let it settle in. This will avoid compacting or possibly breaking the roots.

Your tree is now ready to flourish!

Some additional tips:

Do not overwater trees, especially newly planted trees. To check if your soil is not ready to be re-watered, dig 4-6 inches below the soil at the edge of where you planted the tree. If the soil is moist enough to form a ball when squeezed then you do not need to water it.

Do not over prune. Pruning is only for getting rid of broken or dead branches.

If you are planning to stake a tree, make sure to use flat and soft tree straps. Do not use a garden hose.