You may not believe it from looking around the state today, but ornamental palm trees haven’t always existed in California. So when did the many varieties of this tree that grow very successfully in the state first arrive? Here’s is a little bit about the history of the first palm trees in California.

Long before LA became known as a city of palm trees, the Bible described Jericho as being known for this type of foliage. Is that why missionaries from Spain carried this plant with them to the US in the 18th century? Perhaps. After all, observances such as Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday (it’s even in the name of the holiday) are known for the use of palm fronds in services.

Keep in mind that there are desert palms that are native to parts of southern California. So when we talk about ornamental palm trees, we mean species like Phoenix dactylifera (date palm). That’s why the Washington filifera is sometimes called the California palm. It’s actually native to the west coast of the US.

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