California is always on a mission to save water, especially during the dry summer months. That’s why a 55-gallon restriction on indoor water use is being encouraged. Now outdoors is a totally different story. You want your yard to look nice, right? Doesn’t that take a lot of water? It doesn’t have to!

The key is using the right plants, trees, and grasses. California is perfect for growing numerous types of desert shrubs and grasses that can be very visually appealing. Palm trees are another great way to beautify your landscape without draining a lot of water. So how can you make it work for you?

The secret is to know how the water flows in your yard. Some parts are going to naturally have a little more water than others during the wetter seasons, and even a little bit in the dry summer months. If you want a couple of robust plants that require a little more water, that is the place to put them in order to minimize water usage.

For trees that thrive in drought conditions, the rest of the yard will allow them to flourish without getting too much water after a storm. The palms and other plants will drink what they need and allow the rest of the water to run off.

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