If you live in the southwest US, you face some unique challenges to having a well-manicured yard. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you have an attractive landscape, even under drought conditions.

  • Don’t plant trees that need a lot of water. There are plenty of desert shrubs and grasses that can handle drought conditions. There is also the ornamental California Fan Palm that both looks beautiful and is native to the US West Coast, so it is well equipped for the dryer weather.
  • Do plan your landscaping based on the water needs of your plants. If there are some plants that require more water than others, keep them all together and plant them in the part of your yard that collects the most water when it rains.
  • Don’t have the entire yard be stone. While you can’t have a yard of grass that requires water, you also don’t want 100% stones. They heat up in the sun and can make it difficult to enjoy sitting Shade trees and grasses that can handle hot, dry weather are a great way to add cool spots to your landscape for people to gather.

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